CCSM Coding Class

Every Friday from 4:00 - 5:30 PM through the Chinese Club of San Marino with the San Marino Dev Club.

About Us

  • Sample: Strawberry
    • Goals

      Coding classes offered by the San Marino Chinese Club will use MIT’s Scratch, a graphic-based language that is suitable for younger users. Students will learn how to make clones of popular games like Pong and Agario. These will start simple, but get progressively more complex with each week. Students will have the opportunity to customize these games to their liking and explore the possibilities of coding. Guidance will be provided with a live Zoom lesson on Fridays and self-paced materials that students can access at any time. Teachers will provide technical support for issues like user registration and sharing of projects. We hope that these lessons will be both fun and informative for all involved.

Lessons: Beginner

  • A picture of a Scratch cat.

    • ScratchCat

      Learn how to make ScratchCat move around! Graphics and code come together in this fun activity.
  • A picture of a dragon.

    • Dragon

      Learn how to make your own pet dragon!

Lessons: Advanced

  • A picture of a
    • Chatbot

      Intelligent robots are becoming increasingly popular. In this lesson, you will learn how to make a chatbot of your very own.
  • A picture of a basketball.
    • Breakout: Pt. 1

      Learn how to prototype the game Atari Breakout!
  • A picture of a basketball.
    • Breakout: Pt. 2

      Learn how to make the popular game Atari Breakout!

Contact Us

Want to talk? We are best reached through the Chinese Club of San Marino.

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